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Best Web Hosting For Small Businesses

eukhost best web hosting for small businesses

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Interserver Web Hosting

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Contabo Web Hosting

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Hostinger Web Hosting

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FatCow Web Hosting

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Namecheap Web Hosting

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netfirms Web Hosting

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Ipage Web Hosting

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Web hosting is an important part of running an internet business, whether you’re a startup, an entrepreneur, or a small-to-medium-sized organization. To develop your business quickly, you need to pick a reputable web hosting and domain for any sort of website. This is the reason that we will examine the best web hosting for small businesses. In this article, which will not only give inexpensive, affordable web storage but also assist you in promoting your business online. A trustworthy web host keeps your site up and running and helps you prevent interruption.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

eUK Host Web Hosting

eUKhost is a web hosting service based in the United Kingdom, as the title indicates. It was one of the first firms in Europe to offer completely automated web hosting solutions when it was founded in 2001. Since then, eUKhost has expanded and broadened its offering of hosting services aimed at both individual bloggers and small to medium-sized enterprises. They claim to host over 150,000 domains and have over 35,000 happy clients all around the world.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.95%
  2. Server response time: 4 ms for the United Kingdom and Sao Paulo, 1-3 ms for the United States, 3 ms for Japan and Singapore, 9 ms for Canada, 9 ms for Pakistan, 2 ms for Bangalore and Sydney.
  3. Support system: Live chat, phone, and email are available 24/7
  4. Features: Unbundled bandwidth, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, a free domain, and daily backups.

Pros of eUKhost

  • The page loads quickly. With eUKhost, the average page load time is 1.1 seconds.
  • High uptime consistency. eUKhost has a 99.9% average uptime, which is an excellent
  • The dashboard is simple to use. The dashboard offers a simple user interface. From the dashboard, you can also view your support tickets and cancel your membership.
  • Plans for hosting that are reasonably priced. There are many various options to choose from, and we’ll go through each one in depth below.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days. You can get your money back if the hosting doesn’t satisfy your expectations during the month.
  • 24/7/365 expert support. You may get immediate technical assistance at any moment.

Cons of eUKhost

  • Limited basic plan
  • Not the most competitive pricing. In comparison to rivals, eUKhost offers a limited amount of services in its basic plans.

Price of eUKhost Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

If your traffic will be coming from the United Kingdom, eUKhost is a great option. You will have a very quick server response time due to the server’s location. Because of the user-friendly interface, this is a wonderful option for beginners. Cheap web hosting seems to be an excellent option if you only want to establish your own little blog.

A free domain, free backup, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are all included. In addition, the basic package is reasonably priced. Small and medium enterprises will also benefit from eUKhost.

Reasons To Avoid

As you can see, there aren’t many drawbacks to this hosting. If your major traffic will be coming from outside the UK, you should avoid using eUKhost since you may not have the fastest server response time. Pay attention to the plan and cost as well. The basic plan is a wonderful choice if

you only want to build a tiny blog. The basic plan, on the other hand, provides restricted functionality for large websites.

Interserver Web Hosting

InterServer isn’t your typical web hosting company. It isn’t a well-known brand in the industry, and no one is talking about it. It’s more of an underdog, except that if InterServer wins at something, no one is going to be upset. They’re… More than anything, I was taken aback. The biggest surprise of all is that InterServer is 21 years old, even if most folks don’t know it. So, how did it survive without any major marketing campaigns for so long?

Was it a case of word-of-mouth? I’m sure it has something up its sleeve.

All of the reviews on The words I read conjured up a nice image in my mind. InterServer appears to be a very solid provider. Alternatively, this might be one of history’s best-kept secrets. According to its website, 70% of its clients are migrations, therefore there must be a reason for it.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.99%
  2. Server response time: 1-3 ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 ticket system, email, live chat, and phone
  4. Hosting types: Shared, VPS, ASP.NET, dedicated, collocations
  5. Features: Unbundled bandwidth, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, a free domain, and daily backups.

Pros of InterServer

  • Per month price that is affordable
  • Weekly backups, free SSL, and virus protection
  • 99.99% uptime result
  • Classic cPanel interface

Cons of InterServer

  • Customer service can be hit or miss.
  • Account interface is outdated

Priceof Interserver Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

terserver is extremely blogger-friendly, specifically WordPress. This is fantastic because most of the technical issues I’ve encountered have been caused by WordPress.

I used to get tossed about by e-mail to different persons with other hosts, or they wouldn’t know how to fix a technical issue. Interserver, on the other hand, was able to resolve almost every single WordPress-related technical issue I experienced on their server.

Interserver can repair your hacked website for free if you’re migrating your website from another host because it was hacked. When you transfer your site over, they will verify it, remove bad code, protect it, and ensure that it is clean.

So there are no hidden costs with Interserver’s Cpanel and Softaculous—they’re both included in your hosting package.

Reasons To Avoid

InterServer, however, does not provide any free trials. However, because they bill their customers on a month-to-month basis and do not demand a long-term contract, you may easily cancel at any moment if you are unhappy.

Contabo Web Hosting 

Contabo, formerly known as Giga-International, is a German web hosting company. It focuses mostly on sophisticated VPS, VDS, and dedicated server hosting. In this Contabo review, I examine the company’s VPS services, including cost, performance, security, and other factors.

inContabo is the place to go if you need superior storage or web hosting in Pakistan. As an added plus, the prices are really reasonable.

At the same time, it is quickly expanding. It started with only two data centers in Germany in 2014 and currently has eight throughout the world. So, if you want to try Contabo while it’s still a niche service, now is your time.

However, this is only background information. I bought Contabo’s VPS plan to investigate if a low-cost provider might offer decent results.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.94%
  2. Server response time: 1-3 ms
  3. Support system: Phone and email support (8 a.m. to 11 p.m. CEST)
  4. Hosting types: Shared, VPS, VDS, dedicated

Pros of Contabo

  • VPS servers that are both powerful and inexpensive
  • NVMe storage is a new type of storage that is extremely fast.
  • Server and datacenter security is really important.
  • There are servers on three continents.

Cons of Contabo

  • Solution for advanced hosting
  • The price structure is complicated.

Price of Contabo Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Of course, in this Contabo review, performance is critical in determining whether or not the service lives up to its promises in terms of dependability and speed. Given its low cost, it’s safe to conclude that Contabo VPS did exceptionally well. Its performance isn’t industry-leading, but it’s still really good.

Contabo was tracked for 50 days, and the results of the SSH command revealed that it had been up for exactly that long. That’s a fantastic indicator of the provider’s dependability. The pricing is acceptable when compared to others.

The free SSL Certificate function received a score of 0% higher than the industry average. 99% of the time The characteristic of uptime has been scored 0% higher than the industry average. Webmail feature has been rated 0% above industry average. Ideal for There is no specific area.

Reasons To Avoid

Contabo is an unmanaged service that is not for the faint of heart. As a result, it’s a popular service among developers and server administrators. It’s a go-to alternative for complex server solutions because of its low prices and lack of complication. At the same time, you may choose to have a Webmin control panel installed at no additional charge. A small number of our users are dissatisfied. In comparison to other solutions in its area, it lacks functionality. Money Back Guarantee has been evaluated at a level that is 100 percent below the industry average.

The feature of multiple server locations was rated 29% below the industry average. 24/7 The customer service feature has been rated at a level that is 100 percent below the industry average.  50% of users say they wouldn’t suggest Contabo to a friend. Web Hosting

Web hosting is the basis on which you’ll construct your online presence if you operate a blog or a business. But how can you decide which service to use? Enter, a competitor in the congested website hosting industry that offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you realize your website goals. Although it lacks the complex hosting capabilities and flexible plan options offered by the top competitors, it is still a capable and cheap web hosting in Pakistan, especially for beginners.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.9%
  2. Server response time: 3 ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 support system, email, live chat, and phone
  4. Features: unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, a free domain, and daily backups. Hosting types: Shared, VPS, VDS, dedicated

Pros of

  • Packages for shared and WordPress hosting that are good
  • Excellent uptime and customer service
  • There are a variety of handy website-building tools available.

Cons of

  • There are no alternatives for cloud, VPS, dedicated, or reseller servers. ● There are no monthly plans available.
  • There are no Windows-based servers available.

Price of Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Cost-Effectiveness – The most important benefit is the lowest price. Shared hosting is usually the ideal option for smaller, newer websites because it is the most cost-effective while still providing adequate bandwidth, power, and memory.

Shared hosting ensures that your company gets the most out of its resources. Rather of overpaying for bandwidth or RAM that you will never use, you just pay for what you require.

Convenience –’s shared web hosting is managed by professionals with years of experience. They focus on server maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your business. As a result of this labor specialization, your efficiency will improve as well. Despite the fact that your server space is shared, your website is fully personalized to your specifications.

Reasons To Avoid has a lot going for it, particularly its low-cost shared, e-commerce, and WordPress hosting plans., on the other hand, does not offer VPS, dedicated, or cloud server options, as well as reseller options. Alternatives for Windows-based servers are also unavailable. For more robust web hosting in Pakistan plans that contain most of these levels, check out DreamHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds. These three Editors’ Choice winners offer a wide range of hosting options that make building a website a breeze.

Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger is a trustworthy website hosting service with reasonable prices and quick load times. I definitely suggest it to anyone who needs to get their website up and running quickly. Hostinger is ranked top for the best cheap web hosting plans in my best web hosting providers guide. While Hostinger is our preferred web hosting provider, there are a variety of other hosting solutions that may be a better fit for your needs. There is something on our list for everyone, whether you have a tiny business, a huge organization, a tight budget, or a pressing need for speed.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.04%
  2. Server response time: 2-5 ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 support system on live chat
  4. Features: Email Hosting, and daily backups.
  5. Hosting types: Shared, VPS, VDS, cloud hosting.

Pros of Hostinger 

  • Plans that are both good and affordable
  • Customer service that is kind and helpful
  • Optional Minecraft servers have a fantastic uptime in testing.
  • The company’s own Zyro website builder is included.

Cons of Hostinger 

  • Dedicated hosting isn’t available.
  • A Windows choice isn’t available on every plan.
  • There is no phone support.
  • Only one email address is included in the basic shared hosting package.

Price of Hostinger Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Fast Load Times: It’s no secret that the speed with which your site loads is critical. Money-Back Promise: Are you dissatisfied with your Hostinger purchase? It’s no issue. You have 30 days to check it out and get your money back if it isn’t all you expected. Free Domain: You’ll need a domain to go with your hosting, and while you can get both from different businesses, it’s more convenient to handle everything in one spot. Hostinger’s relationship with Zyro provides you with free access to one of the best website builders as part of your service.

Reasons To Avoid

No Phone Support: There are occasions when you need to talk to a real person over the phone to obtain help with a problem, and Hostinger does not provide that service. Spotty Uptime on Shared and WordPress Hosting: The two sides of the web hosting quality coin are speed and uptime.

FatCow Web Hosting

FatCow may have one of the oddest names in the web hosting industry, but that doesn’t imply it’s a bad service. They provide shared best web hosting for small businesses as well as individuals searching for a low-cost choice. FatCow also claims that their method is simpler and more customer-friendly than those of other hosts on the market.

FatCow, like a lot of its competitors, offers shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is a type of hosting in which your website shares server resources with a large number of other websites. Because of the divided-up cost, shared web hosting is frequently low-cost web hosting. It’s also a good investment for a low-traffic blogger or anybody else with a site that doesn’t demand a lot of server resources.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.96%
  2. Server response time: 1200 ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Knowledge Base
  4. Features: Unbundled bandwidth, storage, and websites, as well as a website builder, email accounts, an SSL certificate, and unlimited MySQL databases are all available. Hosting types: WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Shared Hosting.

Pros of FatCow 

  • A wide range of hosting options are available.
  • Exceptional uptime
  • Customer service is outstanding.

Cons of FatCow

  • There are no Windows-based servers.

Price of FatCow Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Is there a free domain? Yes, indeed (for 1st year).

Sign-Up Ease: Signing up is a two-step procedure.

Money-back guarantee: There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Credit Card and PayPal are accepted as payment methods.

Upsells: There are a lot of upsells.

Fees and clauses that aren’t disclosed: They only issue refunds for orders placed with a credit card. You promise not to utilize “excessive” levels of CPU processing when you join up. They don’t explain what they mean when they say “extreme.” It will be more expensive to migrate the site.

Reasons To Avoid

Although FatCow’s pricing is reasonable, the renewal rates are too high. They’ve improved their uptime over the last year, which is fantastic, and their customer service is excellent. They also have a lot of useful features.

They’ve even come up with a colorful, fanciful name for them. It’s a little too truthful, ironically. They’re simply a little too mediocre for us all around.

NameCheap Web Hosting

Namecheap might be a good option to explore if you’re seeking for the best web hosting services for your next project. On the surface, it appears to provide reasonable costs, a feature set, and large shared hosting options.

Namecheap began as a domain registrar in 2000, and its success prompted the firm to expand into other areas, including hosting.

The firm now has more than 11 million users and hosts more than three million domain names. While other businesses rely on upsells to generate revenue, Namecheap takes pleasure in the fact that it does not. Instead, Namecheap works to provide low price options that deliver exactly what you need, hence the name.


  1. Uptime Guarantee  99.95%
  2. Server response time: 403ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Knowledge Base
  4. Features: Unbundled bandwidth, 20 GB SSD disk space, 30 email accounts, SpamAssassin, backups, Google Apps, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are all included. Three hosted domains, a website builder, a free CDN, and a free SSL certificate are all included. Hosting types: WordPress, VPS, Reseller, Private Email, and Dedicated Hosting are all available.

Pros of NameCheap

  • At $1.58, the pricing are really reasonable.
  • The cPanel interface is simple to use.
  • A free SSL certificate and a domain name are supplied.
  • Customer service that is dependable.

Cons of NameCheap

  • Unpredictable results
  • In terms of security, there is a lack of openness.

Price of Namecheap Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Namecheap is a well-known brand that has been in the hosting industry for almost 20 years. Free Domain and Migration: If you have your website hosted with another provider but aren’t happy with the services, Namecheap makes it cheap and easy to switch over to their plans.

Money-Back Promise: Are you dissatisfied with your Namecheap experience? It’s no issue. Namecheap will reimburse you if you decide you don’t like what’s going on within 30 days of commencing your services.

Reasons To Avoid

Unreliable Customer Support: Namecheap provides a fantastic resource called the Knowledgebase that you should check out if you’re having issues that you think are typical and have been encountered by others in your situation.

Netfirms Web Hosting

Strong uptime, friendly customer service, and feature-rich packages are just a few of the things you should look for in a good web host. In some of these areas, Netfirms succeeds, while in others, it falls short. Netfirms lacks dedicated hosting, Windows-powered servers, and month-to-month shared hosting solutions, despite mainly stable servers and a fantastic assist support team.

Shared hosting is for websites that don’t require a lot of processing power. With this hosting option, your website shares server resources with a large number of other websites, resulting in low-cost web hosting. Shared hosting is a wonderful place to start if you’re just getting started with an online presence.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.05%
  2. Server response: time: 420ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Email
  4. Features: Shared SSL certificates, Email management, MySQL databases, FTP access, Multi-domain hosting
  5. Hosting types: WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Hosting.

Pros of Netfirms

  • Excellent uptime.
  • Email is unlimited across all accounts.
  • Customer support is quite helpful.

Cons of Netfirms

  • There are no shared hosting options available on a month-to-month basis. Cloud, dedicated, and reseller hosting are not available.
  • There are no servers that run on Windows.
  • Limitations on data transmission.

Price of Netfirms Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

This is the most popular and best-value Netfirms web hosting package. It, like other of Netfirms’ web hosting offerings, provides clients with incredible web hosting benefits and features. This is a hard offer to pass up, with 2000 MB of disk space, 100 email accounts, 100 GB of data transfer per month, professional technical assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 10 mySQL databases. In addition, the user is given two domain names that are entirely free.

Reasons To Avoid

Regrettably, for every thing Netfirms does right, they get two things wrong. Here are just a handful of the issues I ran into while using Netfirms, ranging from the structure of their hosting plans to the sorts of servers they employ to their dreadful load times.

Rebel Web Hosting is one of the most rapidly expanding hosting firms. Customers in 186 nations trust the firm, according to the corporation. Do they, however, genuinely exist? I’m going to provide you an unbiased Rebel hosting review. So you can tell whether Rebel Hosting is a suitable fit for you or not? First and foremost, let’s look into’s history.

If you’re in a pickle, is Rebel hosting a good option for you? To be honest, it all depends on your requirements. There is a famous saying that no one in the world is flawless. Here, I’ll go through some of the Rebel Hosting’s benefits and drawbacks.


  1. Uptime Guarantee: 99.9%
  2. Server response time: 400ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Email
  4. Features: Shared SSL certificates, Email management, MySQL databases, FTP access, Multi-domain hosting
  5. Hosting types: WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Hosting.

Pros of Rebel

  • Excellent customer service—the Rebel hosting crew is really helpful and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If you already have a hosting package but wish to move your website to, you may do so for free. As a result, you will be able to move your website for free.
  • Multiple Hosting Plans- You will find a variety of hosting plans here, giving you the option of selecting multiple hosting plans based on your requirements.
  • There are no hidden charges because the pricing are transparent.

Cons of Rebel

  • Exorbitant renewal fees- The renewal prices are quite high, however this is true of all other hosting businesses.
  • They provide a vast number of hosting options, which makes it difficult for the consumer to pick. Dedicated hosting is not offered on, thus if a user wants to upgrade his or her hosting plan to Dedicated hosting, he or she will have to look for another hosting provider.

Price of Rebel Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Three cPanel clustered hosting plans, three Plesk web hosting plans, and one managed WordPress plan are among Rebel’s seven shared hosting options. There are also four VPS options to choose from. A single-page website can even be hosted for free.

Reasons To Avoid

Consider Full-Control Hosting if you don’t require the performance of Business hosting. These two solutions are comparable, however the latter only supports five websites and has fewer email addresses and mailboxes. Rebel will, however, restrict the performance of your website as your traffic grows.

IPage Web Hosting

We last reviewed iPage three years ago, and in that time, the web hosting service has improved in certain aspects while remaining stagnant in others. iPage has a number of appealing features, including a new website builder, excellent customer support, high uptime, and low-cost shared hosting based on a single package with “unlimited” benefits in several important areas. iPage still has a few problems that make it fall short of DreamHost, HostGator, Hostwinds, and other Editors’ Choice winners, but it’s still a rock-solid web host that’s affordable.


  1. Uptime Guarantee : 99.03%
  2. Server response time: 600ms
  3. Support system: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Email
  4. Hosting types: Shared Hosting, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Hosting.

Pros of iPage

  • The first term is quite inexpensive: With iPage, the first term is as inexpensive as chips. Simple plan structure: They just provide one plan, so you won’t be confused by the many plans and features available.
  • Modern-looking panel: The iPage dashboard looks excellent and is mainly intuitive, even if it isn’t the easiest to use.

Cons of iPage

  • Renewal costs are steep: iPage will cost you around three times as much following renewal. Upsells that are aggressive: Their buying process and backend are full of upgrade proposals and add-ons that you may not desire.
  • Poor performance: Unfortunately, iPage is one of the worst hosting services I’ve used. Poor backups: You’ll have to buy the backup add-on if you want to back up your website. Support might be more effective: In my opinion, their assistance might have been more useful and timely.

Price of IPage Web Hosting

Reasons To Buy

Due to its poor performance and lack of functionality, I find it difficult to recommend iPage (more on this below). But, if you want a 3-year cheap hosting service for a personal project, iPage could be a good option.

I suppose it’s also an excellent alternative for students on a tight budget who want a (short-term) low-cost hosting provider. Other options, such as DreamHost, offer comparable cost and far better performance.

Reasons To Avoid

I would not recommend iPage to anyone working on a significant internet project. Their low performance, in my opinion, might be a problem for their user experience and SEO. Furthermore, their delayed help might be quite aggravating when dealing with hosting-related difficulties.


As tempting as it may be to pick a best web hosting for small businesses fast and go on with your life, taking your time is unquestionably preferable. You’ll be able to select a service you can rely on in the long run if you do so.

The sort of hosting package you require is determined by the size and type of website you operate. Your budget, the features you need, and how you developed your site will all influence your choice. But, in the end, it’s preferable to pick one trait that you value the most and base your selection on it.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this place. We only included the top of the web hosting industry in our comparison, which is why all of these businesses have such high ratings.

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