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Hostinger VS GoDaddy: Discover What they Have to Offer


Hostinger would be a mammoth in prehistoric times, and GoDaddy would be a megalodon. These web hosting behemoths have been around for a long time and have grown to become two of the most popular web hosts on the market. GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar, offers excellent hosting at a low cost. Hostinger, our beloved mammoth, is a formidable competitor in the low-cost hosting market. Let’s see who wins this prehistoric giant battle.


$1.99 / month
  • Speed 0.62
  • Storage Unlimited
  • Free Domain Not for Lowest Plan
  • Bandwidth 100GB for lowest plan
  • Free SSL for All plans


$2.99 / month
  • Speed 0.89
  • 100 GB for Lowest Plan
  • Free Domains For All Plan
  • Bandwidth Always Unlimited
  • Free SSL For Ultimate Plan

Hostinger VS GoDaddy Features

Depending on the type of website you intend to create, Hostinger and GoDaddy each have a small incentive to take into account.

However, depending on the hosting package you choose, many features change. Selling shared, cloud, VPS, and other forms of hosting are both Hostinger and GoDaddy. However, as previously noted, we’ll only be examining the features of shared hosting plans.

Hostinger Features

godaddy vs hostinger

Hostinger, with a mission to make life easier for website developers and their customers, offers fast, stable, and streamlined services at an unbeatable price. The bootstrapped company, founded in 2004, reached 10 million users a decade later, achieving ICANN accreditation and localizing services in 39 countries. Hostinger now serves over 29 million customers and adds 20,000 new users every day, averaging one new customer every five seconds.

The company’s team of approximately 1,000 employees is headquarter in Lithuania and maintains several international offices as well as a strong force of remote workers to ensure Hostinger services and support are always available and responsive. As a result, Hostinger can provide live chat support around the clock and a 99.9% service uptime guarantee. The company specializes in high-capacity shared hosting and scalable virtual servers. The former includes WordPress-friendly optimizations and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder, as well as daily or weekly backups and a free domain name with annual plans. Hostinger clearly aims to achieve the optimal price-performance ratio.

Rather than providing subpar services at the lowest possible price, the company outfits its infrastructure with high-powered solid-state drives and recently completed a self-imposed challenge to achieve a perfect score on Google PageSpeed Insights. Finding SSDs with that level of performance at a lower price than most competitors is a huge win for the company.

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Email accounts.
  • LiteSpeed server/caching.
  • A free SSL certificate for all plans.
  • WordPress acceleration.
  • Subdomains.
  • FTP accounts.
  • Free domains for some plans.
  • SSH access for some plans.
  • Backups for some plans.
  • GitHub integration.
  • Nameservers protected by Cloudflare.
  • DNS management options.
  • An access manager.
  • MySQL databases.

GoDaddy Features

hostinger vs godaddy

In the web hosting market, GoDaddy is incredibly well-known and typically acts as a site owner’s initial exposure to the world of web hosting. People may choose a domain name, sign up for hosting, and start developing their online business or personal web site very easily and affordably through the company. While GoDaddy is best known for its domain, email, and shared hosting services, it also provides virtual and dedicated server options. Pre-built templates are included with the hosting company’s basic WordPress offering; however, you can upgrade to manage WordPress services for superior support or assistance with your online store.

Do not be hesitant to scale your site as your business requirements increase because the company makes the migration procedure as simple as possible; GoDaddy is a web host that will expand with you. The easy cPanel or Plesk control panels, as well as root (administrator) access for more tech-savvy users, are both very popular user control solutions in the hosting sector. If you’re particularly interested in webmail, GoDaddy provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your unlimited email accounts as a customer. Each email account includes 256-bit encryption as well as enhanced privacy protection. The GoDaddy team has recently prioritized customer service.

Today, the team has an award-winning collection of experts on staff who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle customer phone calls and messages. WordPress Premium Support and Website Security, for example, include support ticketing functionality. While GoDaddy is available to assist you with any issues, the team is also monitoring your server (as well as other clients sharing your server). GoDaddy can guarantee uptime rates of 99.9% or higher due to the hosting provider’s round-the-clock security monitoring.

This uptime rate is not exceptional in the industry, but for most end users, it is sufficient. The bottom line is that GoDaddy is the preferred domain web host for millions of users around the world for a reason. The company keeps its user base growing by providing lightning-fast load times, award-winning security and support, and a free domain registration when you sign up for a year-long plan. It’s a fantastic hosting deal, especially for first-timers and small business owners, at a fantastic price.

  • Unlimited websites for most plans.
  • Unlimited storage for most plans.
  • Multiple databases.
  • Several apps to integrate with, including a WordPress installer.
  • A free SSL certificate for some plans, including unlimited SSL certificates for the highest plan.
  • Unmetered bandwidth for all plans.
  • A free domain with all plans.

Hostinger VS GoDaddy Cheap Hosting Comparison

Hostinger Web Hosting

Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts have shockingly slipped into the middle class as the shared hosting industry grows more saturated. However, Hostinger goes beyond the usual, expected measurements; for the majority of customers, the number of websites, databases, FTP users, subdomains, and parked domains is limitless. Customers who choose the Premium and Business hosting packages from Hostinger benefit from limitless computing capacity, a free domain name registration, free backups, and somewhat higher prices (which are still pretty reasonable and astonishingly economical).

Business users benefit from speeds up to four times quicker than the company’s cheapest shared hosting plan, while Premium clients get performance that is up to two times faster. Additionally, those customers will get twice as much processing and memory, daily backups (instead of weekly), deluxe assistance, a free SSL certificate, and daily backups. For modest, single sites, the company’s lowest tier of shared hosting services falls below the benchmark of $3 per month. Although completely suitable for new endeavours, professional resumes, and blogs, we advise customers to sign up for one of the more upscale plans; flexibility is crucial, and the foresightful choice removes any potential difficulties with upgrading services or migrating content.

Overall, we commend Hostinger for maintaining performance and functionality while striving to appeal to site owners on a tight budget. Long-lasting hosting connections will be made possible by the provider’s all-SSD infrastructure, easy-to-use site builder, maximum speed enhancements, and possibilities for a free SSL certificate and domain name.

  • Unlimited everything, including databases and storage
  • FREE site builder and WordPress performance improvements
  • Weekly or daily backups are free.
  • scripts for the control panel and automatic installation
  • Access to SSH & limitless, cost-free SSL certificates.
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
50 GB to 200 GB SSD
FREE (1 year)


GoDaddy Web Hosting

The price is undoubtedly a key draw for GoDaddy’s hosting services. It’s challenging to get web hosting for less than a few dollars a month, especially when the provider offers a free domain name, a control panel, incredibly quick load speeds, and unlimited websites with the majority of plans.

Beginners, bloggers, business owners, and others can easily sign up for a shared hosting plan thanks to the company’s exceptionally straightforward signup process. With a variety of options for storage space, email, processing power, and other resources, you may select a GoDaddy hosting plan based on your precise requirements.

Every GoDaddy subscription comes with cPanel’s user interface (or Plesk, if you prefer). You may quickly install and configure well-liked online programmes for blogging and/or e-commerce from cPanel.

GoDaddy, a well-known brand in the low-cost web hosting industry, is always enhancing the functionality of its servers, website, and services to provide excellent customer support.

You can easily launch your website with cPanel control and 1-click installations for common web apps. You can feel secure knowing that the company’s professionals are ensuring your site is online, loaded swiftly, and hacker-free thanks to its 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.

Get a free domain from the top registrar in the world, and your site will have industry-leading page load times.

  • Limitless storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • Choose from the control panels cPanel and Plesk.
  • 24/7 access to award-winning assistance.
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
100 GB - unlimited
FREE (1 year)


VPS Hosting Comparison

Hostinger VPS

The VPS packages offered by the business best demonstrate Hostinger’s singular focus on providing affordable hosting solutions. Six distinct virtual server options, including one priced at under $5, are offer by the business. Whichever package clients choose, they will benefit from the all-SSD technology that loads pages up to 30 times faster than many shared hosting providers. Both site owners and visitors will gain from this infrastructure. Hostinger’s rates reflect the constraints, even if its disc space, RAM, and bandwidth capacity are all a little bit lower than those of several major rivals. The extra 10GB of storage will probably not be miss by site administrators, but the $5 or so per month they save on powerful hosting is more likely to be notice.

However, one important factor to be aware of is the absence of managed services. The company’s robust control panel should be simple to use for seasoned developers, though, and we have faith that the Hostinger support staff is equipped to handle any work or obstacle thrown its way. Through the admin interface, users can control computing resources, including the ability for admins to restart or switch off servers. Users may easily see performance statistics, manage root access passwords, and swiftly install or update operating systems or apps with only a few clicks. Backups and restores can be manage in the cPanel interface, along with other components, for those who want it.

In contrast to Hostinger’s shared hosting options, virtual server plans do not provide a free domain registration. However, the ICANN-accredited registrar offers absurdly cheap domain registrations. When registered with Hostinger biz domains are still a few dollars more inexpensive than those of most rivals, while addresses ending cost less than $10 annually. For domains, these extensions run about $12 per year.

  • SSD storage for the cloud for speed and dependability
  • Utilize burst times to double your RAM.
  • DEDICATED IPv4 and IPv6 numbers FOR FREE
  • Personalized control panel for OS installations and reboots
  • Readers of WebTopList receive more than 50% discount.
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
30 GB to 200 GB SSD
New or Transfer


GoDaddy VPS

GoDaddy can help if you want to expand and scale your website. The good news is that GoDaddy gives root access, which makes it simple to install PHP modules, programmes, stacks, and numerous tweaks to fine-tune your virtual server for maximum performance using the command line or remote desktop. Plans also come with a number of control panels, like cPanel and Plesk, to make it simple for you to manage your hosting service using a user-friendly graphical user interface. The unexpectedly strong virtual servers include 400GB of SSD storage and up to 32GB of RAM, which allows for three times faster page loading. GoDaddy offers countless current OS systems, global datacenters on four continents, and limitless bandwidth in addition to KVM virtualization.

Platforms including CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows Server are available. The GoDaddy team will be keeping an eye on your server throughout this time to detect and block any malicious traffic. Customers will need to patch their operating systems as necessary, but GoDaddy offers hardware monitoring that is available round-the-clock, along with failover options and snapshots, to reduce downtime. All semi- or fully-managed VPS accounts also come with Panopta monitoring, which provides you with a window into network and application services via simply configured alerts and notifications. You might not instantly think of VPS hosting when you hear the term GoDaddy.

However, the security, support, worry-free fully managed services, and value combination found in GoDaddy’s virtual server options epitomize the company’s reputation in the hosting industry. The hosting company’s Business Hosting packages offer the best of both worlds for individuals who may not be quite ready to upgrade to a VPS plan: the enhanced power of a virtual private server with the comfort and simplicity of shared hosting.

  • Designed to manage traffic with root access, cPanel, and Plesk on either Linux or Windows
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and fast SSDs
  • Both unlimited bandwidth and powerful processing
  • Servers with full or partial management and an optional control panel.
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
40 GB - 400 GB SSD
FREE (1 year)


WordPress Hosting Comparison


Even though we adore WordPress, one of our biggest pet peeves is when hosting companies take advantage of the popularity of the most widely used content management system by advertising “WordPress hosting” when what they are really offering is shared server plans. Fortunately, Hostinger outperforms the vast majority of the infringers of our admittedly fictitious rule thanks to its lightning-fast infrastructure, easy access to SSL certificates, and backups. Customers can benefit from the same reasonable prices for which Hostinger offers shared hosting when they host WordPress with the company, which is one of the main advantages.

Users may take advantage of the best hardware, infinite functionality, and above-average security programmes for less than $5 per month. Users are prompt to install WordPress as soon as they enter the account management site when creating a new hosting account. Even the least experienced website owners may easily complete the installation and setup process thanks to Hostinger. Hostinger’s top two shared plans come with WordPress optimization, boosting page load performance three to five times more than the base package in addition to the faster storage on solid-state drives. The top-tier Business plan also includes twice as much memory and processing power.

The perfect InnoDB storage engine, unlimited MySQL databases, and phpMyAdmin are all available to site admins in lieu of this. Although we’d prefer to see more WordPress-specific features like automatic updates and caching tools, Hostinger offers server security from BitNinja as well as email spam prevention from SpamAssassin. The majority of WordPress users will benefit greatly by hosting their website with Hostinger.

  • WP install with one click, PHP 7+, HTTP/2, and NGINX
  • Integrated security measures from BitNinja
  • WordPress performance is improved.
  • WordPress services do not have a price premium.
  • Backups every day and a FREE SSL certificate
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
30 GB to 200 GB SSD
New or Transfer



GoDaddy, who emphasizes affordable, high-impact hosting, naturally provides a wide range of options catered to WordPress users of all skill levels.

Each GoDaddy customer who joins up for an annual plan receives a free domain name and the ability to manage their website via the cPanel or Plesk control panels, starting with the company’s entry-level shared hosting services, which start at $2.99 a month.

You may rapidly and cost-free install and configure the WordPress environment from one of these interfaces. The upgraded cPanel from GoDaddy employs CloudLinux to keep your site’s resources properly balanced and CageFS to secure your material.

GoDaddy makes sure that your web pages load swiftly while you’re busy adding content, images, or items to your WordPress site. Serious WordPress users might prefer to upgrade to the web host’s suite of optimized WordPress hosting plans, which come with daily virus scans, backups, and an SSL certificate that is immediately setup.

Most of these packages allow users to launch an infinite number of websites, and you can choose to automatically upgrade your plan as you require more resources. To take things even further, GoDaddy Pro Managed WordPress Hosting gives site owners a wonderful onboarding experience and a one-click migration tool to get them going faster than before.

After setting up your free CDN and built-in caching, you can use daily backups, core updates that happen automatically, pre-built sites, and a staging environment to make sure your WordPress website is flawless.

  • WordPress installs with one click using cPanel or Plesk
  • FREE domain from the top registrar in the world
  • Get skilled assistance around-the-clock.
  • successful security monitoring
  • Office 365 corporate email services for one year at no cost
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
40 GB - 400 GB SSD
FREE (1 year)


Website Builder Comparison Hostinger VS GoDaddy

Hostinger Website Builder

hostinger vs godaddy

A good website builder can significantly speed up the development process and allow users to establish a website in five minutes or less, whether you’re a developer trying to save some time or are entering the world of website hosting for the first time. For the benefit of clients, Hostinger has made a significant investment in creating a striking visual editor that will be appealing to users of all levels of expertise. The free tool from Hostinger has been used to generate more than 2 million websites. With just one click, clients may access the drag-and-drop interface from the hosting account control page.

The hundreds of templates available to website owners are categorize into dozens. Although the overall designs may not be as spectacular as those available on popular website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, users will still have a wide variety of contemporary options to select from. After that, customers are guide logically by the WYSIWYG platform through a number of processes for adding and modifying text, setting up navigational menus, and adjusting SEO settings. While some drag-and-drop editor make it unexpectedly difficult to add and align items, Hostinger helps users by enabling snapping of photos, text boxes, and similar objects to a grid, ensuring your design has the best impact.

Overall, as opposed to organizations that white-label third-party goods, we prefer hosts that offer in-house options for website builders. As with other Hostinger offerings, the business exhibits a refreshing commitment to provide their clients top-notch services and experiences.

  • Drag and drop responsive design with unique tools
  • hundreds of specialized templates available for free
  • built-in payment processing and e-commerce widgets
  • Access widescreen, desktop, tablet, and mobile samples with ease.
  • 31 language support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
30 GB to 200 GB SSD
FREE (1 year)


GoDaddy Website Builder

hostinger vs godaddy

Customers may easily create websites using GoDaddy’s unique website builder and quick access to dozens of content management systems. The majority of GoDaddy’s hosting plans come with these features at no extra charge. In addition, this top domain name registrar will throw in a free GoDaddy domain if you sign up for an annual hosting package. The GoDaddy website builder is combine with built-in marketing capabilities in the company’s Websites + Marketing plans to seamlessly link your website, social media, and online reviews to draw in the maximum traffic. Even better, you can begin for nothing! Plans start at about $10 per month, though, to unleash the full publishing potential.

By opening a shared hosting account, you may save money and get access to user-friendly content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Although there are still a tonne of customization possibilities and one-click installation alternatives available, there isn’t nearly the same level of drag-and-drop ease as with most site builders.

Whichever option you select, the GoDaddy team is working around the clock to ensure that your site will stay online and run quickly while you concentrate about giving it a polished appearance.

The organization’s multi-award-winning security staff monitors for outages, hackers, and other security risks.

The end result is their 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is adequate for the majority of consumers.

The bottom line is that for a $1 or less per month, you can start using a variety of GoDaddy’s website builder options and choose from hundreds of theme possibilities to begin creating the website of your dreams.

  • No credit card is need to get started for nothing.
  • a user-friendly UI with a tonne of customization
  • Customize action plans are provid by GoDaddy InSightTM.
  • 9% uptime and an honorable support staff
  • Integrated marketing tools and knowledge
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
30 GB to 200 GB SSD
FREE (1 year)
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name
30 days
100 GB - Unlimited
FREE (1 year)


Hostinger VS GoDaddy Conclusion

“We Tested Hostinger & GoDaddy– Hostinger is the Winner

Even though we may never witness a mammoth against megalodon fight, we did get to witness Hostinger and GoDaddy square off. Although we adore both of these hosting behemoths, in the end, your needs and preferences will determine which service you pick for your new website.

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