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eUKhost Review: Looking Forward to your Valuable Feedback


eUKhost web hosting company based in the United Kingdom. It was one of the first firms in Europe to offer completely automated web hosting solutions when it was founded in 2001. Since then, eUKhost has expanded and broadened its hosting offerings to include both amateur bloggers and small businesses. They claim to host over 150,000 domains and to have over 35,000 happy clients all around the world. Today, the firm is a member of the Hyperslice Group, which, via its two subsidiary brands, Web Hosting UK and (obviously) eUKhost, is one of the UK’s top suppliers of managed IT services and web hosting services. The official website of eUKhost is uninteresting, yet vividly blue, smartly crafted, and simple to use. The same can be said about its official blog, which contains a wealth of useful information. This eukhost review will provide you with appropriate information.

Ease of use

Although choosing the right package for you should be simple, if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to “ask an expert” from eUKhost’s pre-sales team.

After selecting a plan, you’ll be asked to register a new domain, transfer an existing domain, or keep your existing domain while upgrading your nameservers. Whatever option you select, the next step is to select a billing cycle (you may pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly, or biennially), with an annual or biannual billing cycle earning you one free domain.

Now is the time to register an account with eUKhost if you don’t already have one. To do so, you’ll need your full name, physical and email addresses, phone number, billing information, and a new and strong password. Following the completion of your purchase, you will be sent to eUKhost’s user-friendly client area, where you will be welcomed by many alerts.

The control panel you get depends on your hosting package, but for the most part, you’ll get cPanel or Plesk, both of which guarantee a simple user interface. eUKhost does not have a website builder, but if you already have a fantastic site, the technical team will migrate it for you within 24 hours. However, only one website may be moved for free.

Pros of eUKhost Web Hosting

Backups every day

eUKhost backs up all of its hosting services every day, regardless of payment or tier. This is a great advantage all around, and it’s critical to secure your site against data loss. A third-party service is in charge of the backups.

Domains unlimited

Even with their cheapest and most basic package, eUKhost allows you to register an infinite number of domains.

Outstanding Customer Service

eUKhost provides good customer service that you can rely on in a hurry or if you run into technical issues when setting up your site, thanks to many choices including live chat or phone help and a vast knowledge base.

Extremely Fast

Visitors from the United Kingdom and the United States may expect speeds that are competitive with the finest UK-based web providers. This is crucial since the majority of your traffic will almost certainly come from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Free Migration

Only a few well-known hosting companies provide free migration we’re delighted eUKhost does.


24/7 Customer Support.

The first support option that stands out on eUKhost’s website is live chat, but you’ll have to fill out a brief form before speaking with a representative.

Cons of eUKhost Web Hosting

The Basic Plan has several limitations

While the base plan includes infinite websites and domain purchases, it is severely lacking in other areas. It also lacks the finest free antivirus software, or any antivirus software for that matter. It’s basically only a suitable option for novice sites, with only 2 GB of storage capacity.

Low Return on Investment

The value for money here isn’t as excellent as what other hosting companies may give because you have to pay for six months of service regardless of the hosting package you pick.

Extra Security Fees

While certain plans (such as the Business choices) provide security as part of their subscription, the shared web hosting solutions and numerous other plans do not, save from a simple spam filter. That means you’ll have to pay more for a firewall and virus scanner, which will cost you more money.

eUKhost Plans and Pricing

eukhost review

eUKhost provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting, all powered by “best grade hardware from Intel, Dell, and HP,” according to the company. While they all have certain similarities, the higher levels of service often offer better storage options, which may be useful if you need website support for a large number of monthly visits. Each choice has its own set of features.

Basic Plan of eUKhost

eukhost review

The cheapest package is £3.99 per month. You have three payment options for this plan:

  • Semiannual means every 6 months,
  • Annual means every 12 months,
  • Biennial means every 24 months, and so on.

Surprisingly, the yearly and biannual payment choices do not provide cheaper costs, which is often what encourages customers to join up for a shared hosting service for longer periods of time. As a consequence, if you’ve never used eUKhost before, there’s no reason not to start with the shortest term plan. As a result, the lowest price is £19.98. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but many hosting companies provide a free month of service or monthly fees with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not something eUKhost does. You get a free domain name with extensions,.com,.org, and more if you pay for at least 12 months. .eu and other popular UK domains are also available.

Business Plan of eUKhost

eukhost pricing

eUKhost also provides Linux and Windows corporate web hosting. These plans cost £16.66 per month and include 5 GB of SSD storage as well as 100 GB of monthly bandwidth. This is another another curious decision by eUKhost, considering their shared web hosting plans offer more bandwidth than their business-specific services. You’d think their business alternatives would realise the necessity for internet businesses to expand at their own pace.

These prices represent the normal cost range for the majority of eUKhost’s hosting solutions. With the exception of dedicated servers, which cost £69 per month minus VAT, price plans don’t go much higher than £19.99. But the bottom line is that the bulk of their plans’ included features – which range from varying amounts of SSD or HDD storage to domain names (but only if you pay for a year) and migration services – are nothing exceptional when compared to what other UK hosting companies have to offer.

Furthermore, you’ll only start to receive genuinely valuable features in their specialist plans. Some of these, such as virus screening, are included as standard features with other providers. Even though the asking fees aren’t too exorbitant in a vacuum, eUKhost’s pricing points aren’t nearly worth it considering the generic services you end up obtaining.

eUKhost Hosting for WordPress

eukhost review

WordPress blog hosting plans are also available. The return of unmetered bandwidth is wonderful, but for £3.99 a month, you also receive unlimited blogs and email addresses, as well as 50 GB of storage space. These plans are the ideal option if you prefer to develop WordPress sites over other types of sites since they have WordPress preinstalled and a WordPress toolkit.

Private Virtual Server

eukhost review

Windows and Linux operating systems are both supported by VPS hosting. Although most plans (beginning at £12.99/m) feature free SSL certification and administrative tools, both of these basic choices exclude VAT. They’re completely controlled, and you may choose between SSD and HDD storage. eUKhost lacks several features when compared to some of the best UK VPS servers and is better suited to novices.

Hosting for Resellers

eukhost review

Plesk-based reseller hosting is available from eUKhost. This is exclusively for Windows, and it includes everything you’ll need to start your own hosting plans for businesses or clients. Monthly plans begin at £12.99 per month. Unlimited mailboxes and a free domain reseller account are among the services available.

Plans for Cloud Hosting

eukhost web hosting review

Another alternative is cloud hosting, which comes in three levels:

  • VMware hosting plan with flexible storage and RAM choices
  • Hyper-V hosting package with scalable resources and improved redundancy
  • Cloud hosting by eNight is designed to minimise downtime.

It’s best for Linux and Cluster OS, and the cheapest tier, Hyperslice Cloud S1, costs £31.63 per month.

Dedicated Servers

eukhost web hosting review

Finally, eUKhost’s dedicated servers are designed specifically for companies, providing additional protection and performance for high-traffic websites.

These are substantially more expensive, starting at £69.32 per month, but they provide high-performance servers with the greatest hardware and 4-10 CPU threads, depending on your payment plan. An optional hardware firewall can be purchased separately.

FAQ on eUKhost

While they all have certain similarities, the higher levels of service often offer better storage options, which may be useful if you need website support for a large number of monthly visits. Each choice has its own set of features.

Is it safe to use eUKhost?

That depends on the level of hosting service you select. For example, unless you pay to extra firewalls, their shared hosting plans do not include any antivirus or defensive measures.

What Hosting Services Does eUKhost Provide?

eUKhost provides three different shared web hosting services. In comparison to the lower choices from many other hosting companies, the basic option is severely missing.

They also provide “enterprise” web hosting with built-in spam, virus, and malware screening. This is preferable to their joint ambitions for internet enterprises.

Is there a Website Builder with eUKhost?

Yes. Although you don’t get it as part of any of your plans, eUKhost has its own high-quality website builder. You must pay an additional £20 every year.

This is a major letdown, given that competing providers frequently include a free website builder with their basic shared hosting services.

Is there a Free Domain with eUKhost?

If you join up for a single year or two years, you get a free domain name with any of the shared hosting options.

However, each plan allows you to acquire an infinite number of domain names.


Overall, despite its rather high price obligations, eUKhost has a few advantages. Although the shared hosting package theoretically allows for infinite website expansion, it is limited by a 2 GB storage bank.

Many of the plans also have security issues unless you spend much more money.

Finally, their most basic shared hosting plan highlights the conundrum: eUKhost has some wonderful features, but you must pay six months in advance for any of their plans and pay extra for simple services offered in other providers’ plans.

In summary, eUKhost has the potential to be fantastic, but it isn’t, and it won’t be worth the asking price for most people when compared to alternative options.

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