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WebHostingPad review: Quality Perspectives and Developments


Incorporated in 2005, WebHostingPad (opens in new tab) is the creation of a group of bright professionals with ambition, experience, and a drive to provide the best service at the most affordable cost. This way, anyone can afford to have a presence online while still receiving first-rate support. They assert that they currently host more than 200,000 domains, a number that is increasing minute by minute. Their corporate headquarters are in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and their data centers are in Chicago. Find out which is true by reading our thorough webhostingpad review down below.

The main website of WebHostingPad is attractive to look at and strangely peaceful, presumably as a result of the use of pastel hues, an intuitive user interface, and a clear and transparent presentation of all their services. In addition, the website can be fully translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Chinese in addition to English (Mandarin). The prices appear to vary slightly depending on the website version you’re using, but not too much.

Their official blog, which is in English, has a small number of well-written pieces. The two sections you can peruse are “How-To Guides” and “Tips & Tricks,” yet just one post each is found in the first and second sections, for a total of three articles across the entire blog. On the other hand, the crew at WebHostingPad appears to be rather active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, posting content virtually daily.

Pricing and Plans

WebHostingPad review

The lack of limitations on the functionality of WebHostingPad’s hosting services is the first thing we noticed. As a result, you can obtain an infinite number of domains, databases, email addresses, storage space, and bandwidth, which is unusual, especially at this price point.

Each of the two available shared hosting (opens in new tab) and WordPress hosting (opens in new tab) plans, Power Plan and Power Plan Plus, are available for $1.99 per month. Each of them at the very least offers unlimited websites, domains, and emails in addition to free domain registration, free SSL encryption, and a website builder from Weebly (opens in new tab). WebHostingPad additionally offers managed and unmanaged VPS (opens in new tab) and dedicated servers.

Although WebHostingPad doesn’t offer a monthly subscription option, customers can choose any length of time between one and five years. A typical 30-day money-back guarantee is included with each of their hosting packages, although it does not include domain registration or other add-ons (as one might expect).

All major credit and debit cards, direct bank transfers, PayPal, AliPay, Bitcoin, and paper checks (available to US residents only) are all acceptable forms of payment.

Pros of Using WebHostingPad

Page Loading Time

WebHostingPad review

Making ensuring visitors or potential clients receive your website promptly is one of a web host’s major responsibilities.

Additionally, conversions and search engine rankings can both be impacted by site speed.

The hosts should have load times of less than 850 ms. Anything above that is off limits to us.

In the last six months, WebHostingPad has given an average speed of 786 ms, which is a very subpar result.

Average Uptime

A website is only useful to you once it is accessible to visitors or potential clients.

Similar to that, a web host’s main duty is to make sure that occurs. WebHostingPad struggles in this area.

They didn’t even come close to their website’s bombastic boasts of 99.9% uptime.

WebHostingPad review

Instead, over the previous six months, they provided an average uptime of 99.89% with only five hours of downtime. Although it falls a little short of the industry average of 99.91%, for the time being we will maintain them in our pros section.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with WebHostingPad’s services, you can get your money back within 30 days with no questions asked. The money-back guarantee, however, only applies to hosting purchases.

This guarantee does not cover domain name registrations or renewals, add-ons, site transfer fees, service fees, or free domain registrations as part of WebHostingPad’s FREE DOMAIN coupon offer.

Free SSL Certificate

The lowest alternatives are typically also constrained in terms of “extras,” such as security options. In contrast, WebHostingPad offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Security Certificate with their most affordable Power Plan. By doing this, you can be sure that your website is secure.

An advanced spam filter and SSH access are both free with the Power Plus plan upgrade.

Friendly Client Area and Control Panel for New Users

The client area of WebHostingPad is intuitive and simple to use. You may control your account information, services, domains, website security, and billing from there. The dashboard also has access to support. The cPanel has become very limited with this migration. I am submitting a screenshot with this webhostingpad review. I cannot start to describe the functions that I lost in the midterm of my contract.

You shouldn’t have any trouble navigating because of its intuitive user interface (especially since there is also a search bar included). You can manage the files, databases, domains, and just about everything else hosting-related in cPanel.

Cons of Using WebHostingPad

Cheap businesses are affordable for a reason. It’s likely that they are unwilling or unable to use that meagre profit margin to reinvest in their goods and services.

Registration of “Free” Domains with Strings

Like other web providers, WebHostingPad will give new account signups a free domain name.

There are a few restrictions, though. To take advantage of this free domain name deal, you must first join up using the “FREE DOMAIN” coupon.

Second, this is void if you use another coupon.

Third, the cost to renew your domain name is $16.99 per year. Nowadays, you can typically purchase domain names on other websites for less than $10.

Therefore, this “additional” future expense is unlikely to pay for itself within a few years.

Just a Few Website Transfers

WebHostingPad will assist you in moving an existing website to their services for free, just like other web hosts do.

However, it is little less than 2GB (which is tiny). Email addresses, FTP accounts, subdomains, and addon domains are not included in the maximum account size that is eligible for free transfers. You would have to replicate those inside of their control panel instead.

Very Limited Backup Alternative

Another promotion that some other web hosting will make for new clients is “free backups.” They appear to be a fantastic deal to help you backstop your website for any difficulties or concerns.

Backups will only be accepted at their “single discretion.”

  • Your backup can’t be larger than 3 GB.
  • They simply store website file backups. Emails and even databases are not covered by this.
  • To recover your backup, they can charge you $39.95 in restoration fees.
  • Through cPanel, there is no manual backup option. To enable this, you must pay them.

In conclusion, this backup offer is poor. They also limit your ability to perform basic manual backups on top of it.

Ease of Use

You’ll be prompted to register a new domain after selecting a hosting package (the selection is rather astounding), transfer an existing one, or use an existing domain while keeping your current manager. You are entitled to a free domain name for a year if you are using WebHostingPad for the first time and want a new one.

The next step is to select a billing cycle, and (as to be expected) the longer the cycle, the less expensive hosting will be. For instance, making a long-term commitment to the entire five-year period as opposed to just one year will result in a monthly price reduction from $3.99 to $1.99, or by 50%. You will then be required to give WebHostingPad a fair amount of your personal information if you are a new customer. You can proceed to checkout after creating a password, choosing a payment method, and (ideally) carefully reading the “Terms of Service.”

WebHostingPad review

Shard hosting options employ the user-friendly, Linux-based cPanel platform. This will greatly simplify things, especially for beginners. Depending on the operating system they use, those who select VPS hosting will have a choice of different control panels. However, choosing a WordPress hosting solution will leave you without a control panel but with access to a content management system.

In any case, the one-click installer makes it simple to install WordPress as well as a number of other useful apps (like ZenCart, osCommerce, Joomla, and so forth). You won’t need any programming knowledge to create and maintain an online store using these apps(opens in new tab).

The Weebly website builder, another user-friendly product offered by WebHostingPad, enables you to make a professional website using a different approach.

Speed and Experience

We had high expectations for WebHostingPad’s speed performance, and GTmetrix has proven that we were correct to do so. The main website of WebHostingPad took 2.8 seconds to fully load, which is incredibly fast when compared to the industry average of 8.1 seconds. 59 requests in total were necessary at the same time, which is better than the average of 89. Finally, GTmetrix gave the website speed performance an A (96%), which is pretty close to the ideal grade.

With its 99.9% uptime guarantee, WebHostingPad assures its clients that their servers are being closely and continuously watched to ensure that their websites are always up and operating. WebHostingPad pledges to give clients one month’s worth of hosting credit for every 8 hours of downtime that exceeds the 99.9% guarantee. There won’t likely be a need for that, though, according to UptimeRobot (a programme that tracked the uptime of WebHostingPad’s primary website). It appears reliable because after a month of regular monitoring, not a single minute of downtime was noted and there was only one significant oscillation in response time.

Customer Support

You have a few options when you ask for help by going to WebHostingPad’s “Help Center” on the website. The knowledgebase or, if you have a frequent problem, the FAQ area will likely be your first choice if you prefer the do-it-yourself method (located in the lower part of the same page).

The knowledge library at WebHostingPad is rather extensive and has 156 articles in total, all of which are organised into useful sections like “Getting Started,” “WordPress,” “Weebly,” and so on. From here, you can either use the search box to save time or navigate to a different section to look for the article that will address your query.

WebHostingPad review

Contacting the support team at WebHostingPad is another way to get assistance. You can do this in a few different ways: by creating a ticket, sending them an email, or chatting with them live. Our experience has shown that using the chat is the quickest way to solve your problem, and it ought to be accessible 24/7. Alternately, you can call them, but be aware that phone support is only offered during business hours (8 AM to 10 PM) on weekdays.

Final Verdict

When quality-price ratio is taken into account, WebHostingPad is a well-rounded web hosting company that can guarantee above-average speed and consistent uptime along with some incredible features. Since WebHostingPad’s customer service is on pace with everything mentioned above, it is easy to recommend it, especially to novices. HostGator, Hostinger, and Bluehost are all solid options for both novices and experts if you’re looking for something more ambitious or simply an alternative.

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