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Namecheap Web Hosting User Review


If you’re looking for cheap web hosting with excellent customer service and reliability, Namecheap is the place to go. Namecheap web hosting offers private email plans in addition to domain registration and website hosting.

It has some drawbacks, despite having some of the most affordable web hosting options accessible. Nonetheless, Namecheap is a practical alternative with the capabilities you need, whether you’re just getting started with your first website or need specialized VPN hosting.

Pros and Cons of Namecheap Web Hosting


  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Many plan options
  • Offers EasyWP
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No phone support
  • Charge for SSL certificates
  • Questionable speeds

How Does Namecheap Web Hosting Compare to the Best Web Hosting Companies?

Namecheap has a range of plans and features to suit everyone, from the novice website owner with minimal technical experience to the seasoned techie who wants complete control over their web hosting. Namecheap’s cost is comparable to platforms such as DreamHost and Hostinger. Hostinger is a better deal than Namecheap, especially if you don’t want to pay for a free SSL certificate with Namecheap.

Bluehost should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking the best domain web hosting company overall. Its shared hosting is highly economical, and it offers phone and live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s easy to get the most out of your site using analytics and SEO tools.

SiteGround offers excellent customer evaluations, despite the fact that its plan prices grow after the initial time. WordPress is included in its shared hosting plans, and its ultra-fast servers ensure that your site loads swiftly and reliably.

Namecheap Web Hosting Pricing Plans

namecheap web hosting

The same website hosting plan isn’t appropriate for every business. You won’t need the same plan as a well-established firm with many sites and more than 50,000 monthly visitors if you’re starting with a brand-new website and expecting a few hundred visits per month.

Namecheap offers a variety of plans to assist you to locate exactly what you’re looking for without overloading you with choices. Namecheap’s pricing is transparent and easy to understand, and the company will even recommend options based on whether you’re an internet newbie, a small business, or a major corporation.

You’ll know what you’re receiving because the hosting plans clearly state how many monthly visits they’ll accommodate and how much storage each plan includes. For most plans, discounts are available on the first year’s services worth.

Namecheap Availability

When selecting a website hosting, it’s critical to think about the provider’s uptime. Downtime can cost you sales, cause you to lose visitors, and cause you miss out on valuable leads.

The uptime guarantees offered by Namecheap hosting are great, although they vary according to the account type. Monthly Availability for reseller and VPS accounts is assured at 99.9%. It offers a 100% uptime guarantee on shared, commercial, and dedicated server accounts.

In exchange for service interruptions, Namecheap also stands by these commitments, giving a service cycle extension. Customers get a full day of hosting for every hour of downtime that exceeds their plan’s agreement. Through this policy, Namecheap will provide up to one month of free hosting every year.

While free hosting will not compensate for lost sales, company, or leads, it does show that Namecheap is eager to avoid downtime.

Fast Loading Time

Fast loading times are critical for keeping people on your site and providing a good user experience. While there are numerous tweaks you can make to improve the performance of your site, you will always be reliant on the speed of your host.

Namecheap claims to employ Dell and Supermicro web servers “latest and quickest.” RAID protects SSD drives, and each server has at least 16 Intel Xeon CPU cores and 64 GB of RAM for more capacity and performance.

While Namecheap claims to load its computers with a “lighter load” to allow your site “breathing room” during peak periods, customer reviews imply that while Namecheap speeds are adequate, they aren’t the fastest.

You’ll have to consider how this will affect your website. When using Namecheap to host a large, complicated site with interactive components or movies, performance may suffer significantly. A simpler, less complicated webpage with fewer elements would suffice.

Namecheap Web Hosting Protection

namecheap web hosting

It’s just as crucial to invest in keeping a site secure and protected after putting so much effort into it. Namecheap web hosting offers a wide range of security features.

Many of these security features are provided free of charge to Namecheap clients. To maximize account security and customer data, two-factor authentication using U2F, TOTP, and OneTouch is given for free.

A year of WhoisGuard privacy protection is included with every domain registration or transfer. This service keeps your information out of the Whois database, which means you won’t get spam calls or emails.

SSL certificates can help clients protect themselves from identity theft, and Namecheap sells them for $4.88 per year. With shared hosting services, SSL certificates are offered for a year at no cost.

If you want to increase your security, Namecheap has a lot of solutions for you. Its VPN service allows you to operate safely when using public WiFi, ensuring your privacy while browsing or gaming.

It also has a Premium DNS feature that works with any domain and provides faster DNS performance. It’s designed for enterprises, and it plugs security holes and helps prevent assaults, so your site stays up and running.

Customer Service at Namecheap

Namecheap web hosting provides a variety of customer service choices. The Namecheap Help Center has a wealth of manuals, blogs, how-to videos, and other helpful information regarding the company’s products. FAQs and step-by-step instructions are also organized by-product, making it easy to discover what you need.

The Help Center also keeps track of Namecheap status updates. These updates provide server maintenance information so that site owners can track their site’s performance and learn about recent and upcoming changes.

Customers that require extra assistance can submit a ticket or contact Namecheap via live chat. Although Namecheap offers customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the apparent lack of phone support may make dealing with urgent issues challenging.

Migration Namecheap

When you’ve never done it before, migrating a site to a new host can be a daunting task, but a good hosting provider will be able to guide you through the process. Almost everything will be handled for you by a professional service provider.

In this aspect, Namecheap stands out. The complete site migration will be handled by this hosting provider. You’ll need to give Namecheap access to your hosting account credentials so that support staff may log in and transfer your website. SSL encryption protects the credentials you send through a support ticket.

Your site will be transferred in less than 24 hours and with no more than 15 minutes of downtime, according to Namecheap. This assurance and exact time scale allow you to plan and arrange the migration for a period when traffic is expected to be lower. If this promise isn’t reached, Namecheap will give you credit equal to your first shared hosting purchase.

WordPress Hosting

namecheap web hosting

Namecheap might be the way to go if you need to get a WordPress site up and running quickly. Namecheap uses EasyWP to let you manage all of your WordPress sites from a single dashboard, eliminating the need for cPanel. EasyWP simplifies accessing your files, backing up and restoring your site with a single click, and connecting any domain simple.

Namecheap claims that its WordPress speeds are three times faster than regular shared hosting choices.

Namecheap’s three WordPress plans are suitable for many website owners. The Easy WP Starter plan comes with 10 GB of storage and 50,000 monthly visits, which is ideal for small organizations. The EasyWP Supersonic plan, the top tier, provides 100 GB of storage and accommodates 500,000 monthly visitors. It also includes a free SSL certificate, so you’ll have everything you need to create a successful business website.

VPS Hosting

In that you will share a server with other users, VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting. However, because you have access to a distinct disc partition and specific CPU resources, VPS hosting is closer to dedicated hosting.

Namecheap offers two VPS hosting options to run your server, migrate your current websites to Namecheap, and provide excellent security. You’ll also have root access and choose your operating system.

If you have technical knowledge, you can fully customize your VPS and, if desired, install a cPanel. Solid State Drive (SSD) storage is quick and boosts website speed and performance. Hardware and software firewalls protect your data, and the servers are backed up regularly.

Shared Hosting

One of the most prevalent types of website hosting is shared hosting. Your website will be hosted on the same server as many other websites, and you will have access to a portion of the server’s computing capabilities with a shared hosting plan.

Namecheap web hosting offers three shared hosting plans, each of which includes a free website builder, unlimited bandwidth, and domain and privacy protection. These programs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PositiveSSL certificates are included with all shared hosting plans for a year and are instantly installed, saving you time and guaranteeing your site is ready to go. The cPanel allows you complete control over your website, which makes it ideal for modifying and developing it. Because cPanel is one of the most used control panels, you or your web developer may already be familiar with it.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting from Namecheap comes in three flavors, each with a free cPanel account and unlimited bandwidth. The plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have complete control over your website with the cPanel dashboard. Reseller accounts allow for the creation of an infinite number of domains and subdomains, as well as unmetered bandwidth for those high-traffic days or seasons.

Namecheap web Hosting also provides many options for personalization. While the WHMCS can automate and streamline your billing and support, white-label marketing tools allow you to truly tailor your site to your needs.

Namecheap Web Hosting Domain Registration

In addition to website hosting, Namecheap web hosting also provides domain registration services, which can assist you in launching a new website.

Customers who already know what they want their domain to be can look for available and similar domains using the usual search option. With Namecheap’s transparent pricing on domain registration, renewal, and transfer charges, customers can compare options at a glance and choose what’s best for them.

The bulk domain name search option from Namecheap provides even more alternatives, making it great for organizations looking for relevant domains, trying to keep similar domains out of the hands of competitors, or purchasing and selling domains.

You can enter up to 5,000 phrases for a single domain name search using the bulk domain name search. This helpful tool can help you discover fresh domain ideas and opportunities by increasing your search capability. You may quickly upload keywords into a spreadsheet and see the results of your search.

Namecheap’s domain registration services are distinguished by many additional features. An all-in-one package includes a free domain and web hosting. Monthly coupons are available directly on the site and can be used to save money on domain registration and transfer. Customers that have more than 50 active domains on Namecheap are eligible to join the VIP Rewards Club, which offers discounts on domains. Customers seeking a discount can use Namecheap’s search function to find 99-cent domain names.

If you seek to acquire more domains, Namecheap is a great place to start. It includes various domain buying options and helpful tools like the bulk domain name search and the 99-cent domain name search.

Namecheap Email

A professional email account with your company’s domain adds a professional touch to all of your correspondence, and Namecheap has three ad-free private email plans. Each subscription includes a unique domain-based email, two-factor authentication, anti-spam protection, and other features.

Accessing your email is simple with web-based email browser support and the Pro and Ultimate subscriptions feature-complete mobile sync compatibility so you can check your email on the go.

Namecheap offers some of the most cost-effective website hosting alternatives. It may serve as a full-service platform for your business thanks to its domain registration and email services, allowing you to keep your domain, website, and email all in one place.

While Namecheap stands out for its transparent pricing and diverse plan options, the company’s lack of phone customer assistance and the high cost of SSL certificates are drawbacks. If you want to save money on your web hosting, Namecheap web hosting is a wonderful choice.

Many of its plans come with 30-day money-back guarantees, so you may use Namecheap with confidence.

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