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Netfirms(opens in new tab), which was created as a one-stop shop for bloggers and small company owners, was established in 1998, giving it more than two decades of industry experience. The business has expanded to serve more than 1.2 million clients worldwide by remaining focused on providing affordable domain names, web hosting, email, SSL certificates, site design, and online marketing services. In its heyday, EIG (Endurance International Group), a major American IT company, became intrigued by Netfirms to the point where EIG made the decision to buy the Canadian host. The majority of EIG-owned businesses have maintained their product lines for a very long time following the acquisition, but this isn’t the case with Netfirms Hosting, which gives the impression of being nothing more than a different moniker for the regular EIG hosting-related solutions.

Netfirms Hosting Pricing and Plans

Netfirms hosting

There are just three different-sized shared hosting(opens in new tab) plans offered by Netfirms when it comes to web hosting. Unlimited storage space, endless subdomains, expandable bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate are all features included in all three tiers. However, they vary in terms of the websites, MySQL databases, and FTP logins that they support. Additionally, it claims that all plans come with a free domain name for a year. However, this is only true if you have a certain coupon, so keep an eye out for those.

Out of the three options, the hosting plan titled “Plus(opens in new tab)” is the most cost-effective (isn’t the entry-level plan typically called something like “Starter” or “Basic”?). Nevertheless, this plan includes a single website, five FTP users, and ten MySQL databases in addition to the standard capabilities for $4.95 per month (or $3.49 if you sign up for three years).

Other services provided by Netfirms include shared hosting, a “smart” website builder, domain registration, SSL certificates, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) email hosting (opens in new tab). If you have high expectations for your website, keep in mind that Netfirms does not offer sophisticated hosting services like VPS and dedicated servers (opens in new tab).

Shared Web Hosting

Websites that don’t need a lot of processing power should use shared hosting. Your website shares server resources with multiple other websites while using this sort of hosting, which frequently results in affordable web hosting. Shared hosting is a wonderful place to begin if you’re just beginning your internet presence.

A minimum one-year commitment is required for each of the three Linux-based shared web hosting tiers offered by Netfirms: Advantage, Plus, and Business. Five MySQL databases are included in the Plus plan, which costs $59.50 per year and includes unlimited storage, email, and multisite hosting. Netfirms is reluctant to say that its shared hosting offers limitless data transfers each month. As opposed to this, the service’s “scalable” data should “support more than 99.5 percent” of its user base. It’s disappointing that Netfirms Hosting falls short of the unlimited transfer promises made by a lot of the competition.

The Advantage plan, which is the next rung up the ladder and starts at $119 per year, expands on the Plus plan by providing 200 MySQL databases. You get an SSL certificate and limitless MySQL databases with the top-tier Business Plan, which costs $179 per year. All of these trustworthy shared hosting packages give website creators the resources they need to establish a reliable online presence.

VPS Web Hosting

Although Netfirms does provide virtual private server (VPS) hosting, it does not provide cloud, dedicated, or reseller hosting. With VPS hosting, your website has assured resource allotments and shares a server with a lot fewer websites than it would with a shared hosting plan. VPS hosting is something to look at if you run a small business and anticipate using numerous server resources.

The three RAM tiers of the VPS services from Netfirm cost 33 dollars per month for 512MB, 66 dollars for 1024MB, and 100 dollars for 2048MB. The Linux operating system, two dedicated IP addresses, unlimited email, and various monthly data transfers (1,000GB, 1,500GB, and 2,000GB, respectively) and disc space are all included in each package (20GB, 40GB, and 60GB, respectively). Through a cooperation with Spry, a provider of VPS hosting, these services are made available.

Although those are respectable deals, Hostwinds (4.49 Per Month at HostWinds)(Opens in a new window) provides the best VPS choices. The Editors’ Choice offers a choice of Linux or Windows-based servers and unlimited monthly data transfer. This is another area where Netfirms Hosting suffers from inadequate data.

WordPress Web Hosting

Netfirms hosting

Similar to its shared hosting options, Netfirm offers three WordPress hosting packages. They even share the same names, storage capacities, and yearly commitments. These WordPress hosting packages offer unlimited monthly data transfers, in contrast to Netfirm’s shared hosting options.

Fortunately, WordPress is easy to set up in Netfirm’s ideal environment. Netfirms acts as any other self-hosted WordPress installation in terms of content creation. Making posts, pages, and galleries is simple. Of course, you can install your preferred WordPress plug-ins and themes.

The Editors’ Choice for WordPress hosting, however, continues to be TMDHosting. Three levels of WordPress hosting are available from the top dog, and you can choose between Linux- and Windows-based servers. The monthly prices for TMDHosting’s packages range from $8.95 (for unlimited storage) to $16.95 (for unlimited monthly data transfers) (for all that plus unlimited site hosting). Numerous WordPress-friendly features are pre-installed in its environment, such as selected plug-ins that will improve your experience and live malware protection.

Pros of Netfirms Hosting

To their credit, Netfirms does rather well on a few key measures even though their hosting services and overall customer experience have a lot of issues.

Here are a few of the advantages I discovered when evaluating Netfirms Hosting services.

Great uptime and reliability

The main selling point of Netfirms Hosting is their consistent uptime. It’s not particularly amazing (like SiteGround or A2 Hosting), but it’s still fairly good for the money. Although they don’t provide any uptime guarantees (other than the fact that you’ll actually have uptime), they did reasonably well during the course of our year as paying clients.

All packages include unlimited email accounts

For the first year of your hosting package, many, shall we say, “less than ethical” hosting firms (cough Contabo cough), will provide one free email address before charging an outrageous renewal price of roughly $60 per account each year.

No matter the subscription you select from Netfirms, all of their clients have unrestricted access to email accounts, allowing you to add a more polished touch to your website and correspondence.

Live Chat Support

Netfirms Hosting provides its customers with access to competent and helpful customer service through 24/7 email tickets and a toll-free live chat, even though they don’t provide the kind of mind-blowing customer assistance that Hostinger or Interserver do.

I’d rate their support staff as a solid B+ after putting them through their paces. Their live support team was able to answer every query I threw at them, and they are generally responsive (though not immediately). Even if it required a few tries for them to get it properly.

Similar to the rest of their offerings, Netfirms’ customer service is decent for the money you spend but falls short of some of the other market leaders.

Cons of Netfirms Hosting

Unfortunately, Netfirms makes two mistakes for every one right decision that they make. Here are just a handful of the issues I ran into while using Netfirms Hosting, ranging from the design of their hosting plans to the types of servers they employ to their appalling load times.

Limited Packages

At first glance, Netfirms Hosting appears to provide roughly the same selection of hosting plans as other significant providers. However, as soon as you start to peel back the proverbial onion’s layers, you’ll see that not everything is as it seems.

The differences between their three hosting services, Plus ($4.45/month), Advantage ($8.99/month), and Business ($12.99/month), are negligible.

In actuality, the free SSL certificate, unlimited SQL databases, and unlimited FTP accounts are the only substantial differences between their Plus and Business programmes. I’m not sure why somebody would decide to upgrade to a corporate account with such a meagre offer, personally.

Poorl load Times

  • Netfirm’s poor loading times are one of their greatest issues.
  • The speed of your website is crucial in 2018.
  • If a website takes longer than two seconds to load, more than 47% of users will leave. You should switch to a different provider right away if your web host can’t deliver load times at or below 2000 ms.
  • Unfortunately, Netfirm’s load times were far slower than they ought to be.
  • Their performance is well below what would be regarded acceptable for a high quality web host because they don’t use SSD hosting, and this fact alone is reason enough for us to withdraw our recommendation.

Fuzzy Refund Policies and Guarantees

  • Unfulfilled money-back assurances are one of the most frustrating and outright unethical issues I’ve observed in the web hosting industry.
  • Many uninformed customers have made significant purchases and then requested refunds because of the proliferation of confusing terms of service and refund policies…
  • Only to discover that one tiny little thing you did (like using a one-click WordPress installation) negated the money-back guarantee.
  • Sadly, it appears like Netfirm is imitating equally sleazy businesses like GoDaddy with its murky and dishonest billing procedures.
  • Including willfully refusing eligible consumers refunds, failing to cancel a hosting account (and failing to return the customer’s money), and then renewing the service without notice the following year.

Website Building Tool

Netfirms hosting

The same site builders are available on Netfirms as on iPower, including the previously mentioned WordPress, Weebly (Start for Free at Weebly), and File Manager, where you may upload previously created pages and edit HTML. Shortcuts to the website builder, mailboxes, and domain management are provided by a quick-start panel.

You may rapidly create a website with the help of the drag-and-drop interface of Weebly, another service provided by JustHost. To create an appealing front end, you don’t need to undergo months of web design instruction.

E-Commerce and Security

From the web builder dashboard, you may add an e-commerce store, but it will cost you $2.99 per month or $35.88 annually. You may add products, upload product photos, and more using Weebly’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface. You can pay with PayPal or Google Checkout.

You won’t have to worry about lost or damaged files thanks to Netfirms hosting range of protection options, which include automated daily backup ($1.08 per month; invoiced annually for $12.95). You can get an SSL certificate ($29.95 per year) and a dedicated IP address ($30 per year) for e-commerce websites. All web hosting plans come with email spam filters, which is a great touch.


It is worthwhile to have a look at Netfirms because of their reliable uptime, quick performance, friendly support team, and comprehensive shared hosting options. Just be sure you use a credit card to pay since they only accept credit card payments for their 30-day money-back promise.

Take a look at providers like HostGator and Namecheap if you’re searching for a more adaptable US-based provider who provides a wide selection of feature-rich hosting packages backed by first-rate service and offered at a competitive price.

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