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OVH Cloud is a French web hosting company that was established in 1999 by Octave Claba. It has a global presence due to its network of data centers that connect every country. OVH Cloud Hosting is currently the largest provider in Europe, the third-largest in the world based on its physical servers, and one with the largest data center network in terms of surface area it has covered so far, while not being the biggest fish in the web hosting sea.

With over 400,000 computers scattered over more than 30 data centres and four continents, this network today provides over 1.6 million customers with a wide range of cloud-based solutions. Roubaix, France, serves as the company’s corporate headquarters, and its data centres are located there as well as in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Singapore, and Australia.

ovh cloud hosting

As WikiLeaks’ web server was made known to the public in December 2010, OVHcloud became a minor player in the narrative that rocked the world. The company added a Database as a Service (DBaaS) catalogue of services to its public cloud portfolio in October 2021 so that its clients would no longer have to perform tiresome activities like database configuration, setup, software and hardware maintenance, and so on.

The official website of OVHCloud has a monochromatic colour scheme that plays with various blue tones to make it easy on the eyes. It also makes use of a well-known page style, offers a tonne of information, and has a current blog, all of which make for a user-friendly experience. Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English are all supported languages on the website.

OVHcloud may be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where all accounts appear to be quite active.

Pricing and Plans of OVH Cloud Hosting

VPS(opens in new tab), dedicated servers(opens in new tab), managed bare metal hosting(opens in new tab), as well as additional storage, backup, network, security, email, and big data solutions, domain name registration and management services, are all included in the range of cloud hosting(opens in new tab) solutions offered by

The “Personal(opens in new tab)” cloud service costs $3.99 per month with an annual membership, making it one of the more affordable cloud alternatives. This package can give you five websites, a free domain name for the first year, 100GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, ten email accounts with a maximum size of 1GB, one SQL database with a maximum size of 200 MB, support for Python (CGI), MySQL 5.6, PHP (8.0/7.3/8.0), WordPress optimization, anti-DDoS defence, and a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (opens in new tab). You’ll need to buy a larger plan if you want more features and fewer resource limitations.

Since OVH cloud doesn’t offer free trials or money-back guarantees with its services, you’ll lose all of the money you’ve already paid, including additional setup fees, if you decide to quit their services. Regarding payment options, OVH cloud accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro credit/debit cards, PayPal, checks, postal orders (up to £250 in value), and bank transfers.

OVH VPS Hosting

You can manage your own little web space with one of the several VPS hosting options that OVH offers. You will have complete control over your piece of the server when using it, and you are free to utilize it anyway you see fit without any interference from OVH.

OVH Dedicated Server

OVH offers several distinct dedicated server solutions that are divided up by speed, size, and bandwidth if you or your company wants a little more power or needs to host an Exchange server or various cloud services. This enables you to save money while selecting the precise server type that suits your company’s requirements.

OVH Cloud

The cloud is here, and an increasing number of companies are moving their local file servers and apps to accessible cloud-based services. Find a service that can offer secure and dependable cloud services if you wish to do this. Anyone wishing to build their own cloud on the Internet will find the range of cloud-based options offered by OVH ideal.

Features of OVH Cloud Hosting

Ease of Use

You’ll be prompted to choose a pre-installed CMS(opens in new tab) from WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, or Joomla after choosing the plan you want to use, or you can choose not to use one. A CDN (opens in new tab) and additional SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt SSL is free) are available as add-ons. Following that, you may select your domain name. A domain name is offered with every OVH cloud hosting plan for free for the first year.

You must log in right away if you have an OVHcloud account. Creating one will require your full name, email address, and password if you don’t already have one. It’s also a good idea to read the “Terms of Service” before moving on. After that, you must accept an email verification and provide all the necessary information (your phone number, nation, city, zip code, and language) to complete the account creation process.

When everything is finished, you’ll have access to the OVHcloud dashboard, where you may finish making your purchase if you haven’t already. You should be able to keep an eye on and manage every aspect of your account from here, including password changes, backup creation and restoration, database creation and deletion, and other operations. We didn’t use the word “should” because we didn’t have faith in your ability, but rather because the dashboard was a bit slow, excruciatingly plain, and not particularly user-friendly for beginners.

Unfortunately, you can only select from cPanel(opens in new tab), Plesk, DirectAdmin, and ISPconfig3 with some plans, even if you are ready to spend some money on an easy-to-use industry-standard control panel. For example, the market-leading cPanel is only offered with dedicated server hosting(opens in new tab) plans, which start at $56.75 per month. Most consumers looking for straightforward solutions won’t be prepared to pay this price.

Speed and Experience

ovh cloud hosting

It is common knowledge that a large number of data centres dispersed throughout the world will guarantee lightning-fast performance, and OVHcloud is no exception. The main OVHcloud website takes 2.9 seconds to fully load according to a GTmetrix test, although the required speed is less than 3.5 seconds (and the average one is 8.1). Additionally, all other online vitals (speed measuring parameters) displayed respectable performance, culminating in a total GTmetrix score of nearly perfect A (95%)

As is common with OVH cloud hosting, a large number of data centres dispersed throughout the world indicate lightning-fast performance. While the recommended loading time for the main OVHcloud website is within 3.5 seconds, a GTmetrix test reveals that it took 2.9 seconds for it to fully load (and the average one is 8.1). In addition, all other online vitals (speed measurement measures) shown respectable performance, culminating in a final GTmetrix grade of almost an A (95%) in the near-perfect range.


ovh cloud hosting

OVHcloud asserts that it is totally committed to its clients, yet this doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to customer service. There are four levels of support, with “Standard Support” being the lowest level. It comprises of a number of self-help resources like a knowledgebase, a community forum, and a short FAQ section.

It’s wonderful that the knowledge base has so many step-by-step instructions (some of them include videos and others screenshots). There isn’t much to assist and motivate newbies. On the other hand, despite the fact that there are numerous queries from previous months that remain unaddressed, the community forum appears to be rather busy.

It’s important to remember that “Standard Service” is the sole type of support that is included with every hosting solution at no extra cost. “Premium Support” is available for $56 per month, “Business Support” begins at $300 per month, and to learn how much “Enterprise Support” will cost you, you must ask for a callback from the sales staff.

You can reach the OVH cloud hosting sales team by phone (weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM) and email/ticket, but don’t anticipate getting much more than the most basic information from them. Additionally, OVHcloud states that they will “soon” roll out live chat assistance, although they have been saying this for ever and ever.

Security and Uptime

OVH boasts an uptime of greater than 99%, like many other providers. Naturally, this sum does not reflect any upkeep required to guarantee the server’s ongoing security and viability in the future.

Additionally, OVH provides some of the greatest security options available. As you can undoubtedly guess, you want to make sure your sensitive data is safeguarded if you host an Exchange email server or a cloud-based file server for your business. Hardware-based firewalls are used by OVH to protect your server against intrusion.

OVH Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

Pros of OVH Cloud Hosting

  • Inexpensive hosting options
  • Detailed instructions and a lively discussion board
  • Numerous web hosting plans with extensive customization
  • SLA to ensure credit in the event of downtime

Cons of OVH Cloud Hosting

  • Limited choices for support; timely assistance isn’t always guaranteed
  • Only a few 1-click installs are available; some web hosts offer hundreds
  • For some hosting plans, OVH offers a backup tool, although they don’t perform the service for you.
  • Some plans include a unique control panel that is not cPanel or Plesk.

The Competition

A fantastic substitute to OVH cloud hosting for those searching for a cloud-based solution can be found at a US-based host named DigitalOcean (opens in new tab). The similarities between the hosts end there; both cater to developers and tech-savvy people in general, to whom they provide a nice selection of web hosting options. Even though OVH cloud hosting is significantly less expensive than its rival, DigitalOcean offers better value and marginally better customer care.

Linode(opens in new tab), a US-based host with a data centre network similar to that of OVHcloud, may be another well-liked substitute. But unlike Linode, which gives new customers a 7-day trial (and with a 60-day credit), OVHcloud doesn’t provide anything comparable.

HostGator(opens in new tab) is the clear winner in terms of usability, customer service accessibility, and beginner-friendly features (such as free domain registration, an industry-standard control panel, and a money-back guarantee). HostGator is less convenient for users outside of the USA because it only has server centres there.

Bluehost(opens in new tab) aims to increase the confidence of less experienced users by providing a full list of beginner-friendly features, 24/7 support, a one-click installer with many apps, a drag-and-drop website builder, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. OVHcloud, on the other hand, stays outside the comfort zone of beginners. This implies that you won’t need to worry about money because you’ll have ample time to test everything out for yourself.


With more than 20 years of experience, OVH cloud appears committed to offering its clients a range of affordably priced cloud-based necessities, such as VPS, dedicated servers, bare-metal servers, hosted private clouds, public clouds, as well as hybrid solutions. On the other side, OVH cloud isn’t at all designed for newbies, their customer assistance appears to have passed out, and if you’re dissatisfied with their services, tough luck—you can forget about your money.

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